Thursday, January 27, 2011

Albers Residence, Nomland & Nomland Architects 1955

The Albers Residence, designed by Nomland & Nomland, Architects in 1965. The house has undergone an extensive restoration under the supervision of architect Mark Rios (2006), and is currenlty on the market for $1,395,000.

Kemper Nomland Sr. and Kemper Nomland Jr. were a father-son architectural team; together they designed one of the Case Study Houses (711 San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, in 1947).

The elder Nomland studied architecture at Columbia University before practicing in New York, Seattle, and then Los Angeles. He worked for Albert C. Martin (1922), Marston Van Pelt & Maybury (1923–1925); Austin, and Martin & Parkinson (1926–1927); Kemper Nomland Jr. after 1928; and Hunt & Chambers from 1942-1944.

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