Sunday, May 13, 2012

Los Angeles Poolside

Arzner-Morgan Villa, W.C. Tanner, Architect 1929; Florence Yoch Landscape Design; Annie Chu (Restoration Architect)William Mead House, Hudson &  Munsell Architects 1914Jeff & Beth Morris Residence, A. Morris, Architect 2010Villa de Liones, 4601 Dundee DriveCasa Domingo, George A. Sullivan Architect c.1927Casa Domingo, George A. Sullivan Architect c.1927
Gavit-De Salis House, John Pugsley, Architect 1961Chateau Emanuel, Martin Bekins Residence c.19252074 DeMille Drive c.1996Van Griffith  Residence c.1925Van Griffith  Residence c.1925Lawrence Gray House, Paul R. Williams, Architect 1927
Anais Nin-Rupert Pole Residence, Eric Lloyd Wright, Architect 1962Hamilton-Rabinovitz Residence, Buff, Smith  + Hensman, Architects 1991Singleton House, Reflecting Pool, Richard Neutra, Architect,  Tim Campbell, (Remodel) 2007Hillside House, Carl Louis Maston, Architect 1962Pasadena City College reflecting poolCLOUD HOUSE  (cabana), James R. Meyer, Architect 2008
Sheats-Goldstein House, John Lautner 1963-1980Schwimmer House, John Lautner 1982 Schwimmer House, John Lautner 1982 Jacobsen House, John Lautner 1947Harpel House, John Lautner, Architect 1956Ben Margolis Residence, Guest House, Pierre Koenig, Architect

Los Angeles Poolside, a set on Flickr.

There is nothing that symbolizes the Southern California lifestyle quite as much as the "backyard oasis" of a swimming pool. When the opportunity presents itself, I plan on taking more photos like these to share with you the experience of living in Los Angeles.

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