Monday, September 5, 2011

Craftsman Style 1900-1925

Warren & Belle Dunn Mansion, C.W Buchanan, Architect 1904Van Ness Craftsman c. 1910Van Nuys House, Frederick L. Roehrig, Architect 18984412 Melbourne Av. c.19101947 No. Taft Avenue c.1913Thompson House, Harley S. Bradley, Architect c.1911
Mrs. Warren Murray Residence, Kukus & Jones, Builders 19124534 Melbourne Av. c.1908 Anna Laggart Residence, C.D. Goldthwaite, Builder 1916Puthuff House, Hanson D. Puthuff, Builder c.19131944 N. Dracena Drive c.1914220 S. Wilton Place before 1914
Dr. Grandville MacGowan House, Hudson & Munsell, Architects 1912 (Parkinson Field Associates, Remodel)Eagle Rock Woman's 20th Century ClubhouseHollywood Grove Tudor Craftsman House  c.1912O’Melveny/Bering/De Azpurua/Rindge/Waterman House4525 Melbourne Av. c.1919Everest House, Arthur R. Kelly c.1912
Hodges Station, C.E. Shattuck, Architect 1925Mellenthin House, Frank O. Eager Architect c.1912Dr. H.E. Kirshner House c.1914Van Ness Avenue Craftsman House c.1911John Grosse House, C.W. Buchanan, Architect 1905Atwater House, C.S. Albright, Architect 1918

Craftsman Style, a set on Flickr.

For the past couple of weeks I have been concentrating on photographing Craftsman style houses for an upcoming article I have been asked to write for the "Los Feliz Observer". The article will be the first in a series highlighting the development of our neighborhood from 1900 until the present day.

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